Our goal
Guangfu is committed to providing long-term development employment platform, promote harmonious development and win-win situation of enterprises and employees.

Basic criteria
Human resource is the most important strategic development resource of the enterpriseRespecting, appreciating, caring, inspiring, and developing To improve the training of personality and improve professional expertise

Criterion of competence
Professional quality: professional training, lifelong learning, knowledge sharing, good attitude
Customer orientation: close to demand, clear standards, continuous improvement, excellent service
Good communication: honest and sincere, inclusive understanding, transposition thinking, mutual support
The sense of crisis: peace, bold action, the survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest
Innovation: global vision, global thinking, ingenious, resourceful and decisive

Use of talents
According to lift up.Don't expect all rounder, with the directorGive the innovator support and tolerance

Talent promotion
Identify the enterprise culture and defend the interests of the enterprise Ability and job match, outstanding achievement The team has a good atmosphere to cultivate excellent successors