Cable suppliers-GrandFull
1) 30 years cable experience.
2) 20 years export experience.
3) 50,000 square meters factory.
4) GrandFull high quality cable.
5) Shielding, conductor material and diameter are optional.
6) Design for indoor installations.
7) ISO9001/14001/18001 specification, passed Fluke Test and CE Rohs certification.
8) Long transmission distance, small transmission loss, wear resistance, resistance to pressure.
9) Free sample for testing.
10) Provides OEM product service.
11) Professional research, design, production and sales.

Q1.Do you accept customization?
Yes,we respect every client requirements, and we have ability to achieve clients’ requirements.

Q2.How about your MOQ?
Our MOQ is not fixed,we will accept small order within our power.

Q3.Could I have a visit to your factory?
Welcomed. If you visit our factory, you will get the most warm reception. Outside of business, we can be friends.

Q4.Do you provide sample?
Yes, we will provide sample for customers’ reference. If you have made a order, we will provide free sample to you.

Q5.How long will you prepare the goods?
According clients’ order quantity,the time of stock up will have some change. Usually we can prepare the goods within 15 days.

Q6.Favourable Price:
Long-term raw material suppliers and large purchasing of raw materials, which makes cost lower.

Q7. Welcome to visit:
30 minutes far away from the airport,we have cars to pick you up and send you back.